You would be so proud of me

So much has changed since our talk
I hardly even think about you in that way
Well..that’s until I have this strong desire to kiss you after you say something incredibly cute..or say nothing all
but that’s ok
I’m sure with time that will fade as well.

Ode to my twenty year old self.

Pssst..Over here..yes that’s not me, look over to your your other I’m just messing with you..I’m invisible.

No you’re not crazy..stop looking around, or someone will start to think that you are.

This might sound a little strange but, I’m from your future..In fact I’m your future self.

Wait don’t leave..hear me out..don’t act like you haven’t heard crazier things before.

Really? You want me to prove that I’m really you..really Nikki? It’s not proof enough that you’re talking to a invisible person.. Ok I’ll humor you. I’ll tell you something that only “we” would know.

In the 6th grade you left flowers on your math teacher’s car..I think her name was Mrs. Brown…

Ahh yes now I have your attention..

But for safety reasons, you might not want to tell anyone else about this…No not even Kiesha, trust me she won’t believe you..even though she says she will.

Anyhoo as I was sitting here, I had what I would consider a epiphany..I said to myself..self why not go back in time and give your 20 year old self some tips and advice..and voila here I am.

Look at you, living’re in college, going out..what more could you want out of life right? Well I’m here to tell you some things that you’ll I’ve learned over the years.

Number 1. Don’t sweat the small stuff, some things are going to happen in your life and it’s going to seem super drastic but trust me you’ll get over it.

Number 2. You’re going to experience some things with your family and you’ll question a lot of it, but just try to stay strong and know that things will get better.

Number 3. After you finish college you’re not gonna have clue what you want to do next, and that’s ok! There is no right or wrong decision, I would suggest you coming up with some goals to make the process a bit easier but just know that everything you do are learning experiences. You’re exactly where you’re suppose to be.

Number 4. I figured I’d save this one for I see you think you have it all figured out right..well you don’ but it’s ok, you’re going to experience some amazing/crazy “did I just do that” things that I can’t even begin to describe, but I will give you a hint. In a few years you’re going to meet someone, and she will change the way you view love forever.

Yes, that’s I’m not going to tell you who she me when you meet her you’ll know 😉